EEF 2019 | 15th EEF – European Ecological Federation Congress

Lisbon Zoo

At Lisbon Zoo, we invite you to travel around the world without leaving Lisbon while contributing to a major global project of conservation of endangered species and their habitats.

The Zoo has a unique learning environment dedicated to innovative scenarios in Environmental Education. With the motto “Educate to Conserve”, there are programs with themes related to the conservation of biodiversity and the valorisation of animal life, fostering a progressive transformation in values, attitudes and behaviours (

All the information is introduced, developed and consolidated in a playful and fun way through:

- Backstage visits;

- Meetings with handlers, trainers and other technicians;

- Environmental enrichment activities in some facilities;

- Dynamic games, musical and dramatic expression, according to the themes and learning to be acquired;

- Icebreaker games, peddy-papers, track games, treasure hunts, debates...


The Zoological Garden offers 2 types of holiday programs for children and young people, from 3 to 16 years:


From 3 to 5 years old

With the motto "Play and Discover", children are invited to participate in an adventure that promotes knowledge through experimentation and experience of situations, with the aid of techniques such as games, artwork and corporal expression, which appeal to the children's interest in acquiring learning related to biodiversity, to the awareness of problems related to the conservation of species, and simultaneously to the development of a set of values and attitudes favourable to respect nature.


From 6 to 16 years old

With the motto "Learn, explore", this program is an excellent opportunity to learn and contribute to transforming our Planet into a better place to live. It is aimed at children and young people who are interested in Nature and gives them the opportunity to investigate the mysteries of the animal kingdom in a fun way. In the end, the little lovers of Nature will become "ambassadors of nature".


Conditions: From 8h30 to 18h30, meals are included.



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