EEF 2019 | 15th EEF – European Ecological Federation Congress

Linking agricultural policies to Sustainable Development Goals: a focus on biodiversity and ecosystem services provisioning


Stefan Schindler | Department Biodiversity & Nature Conservation, Environment Agency Austria, Vienna, Austria

Clelia Sirami | INRA DYNAFOR, 31320 Castanet‐Tolosan, France

Francisco Moreira | CIBIO – InBIO, University of Porto, Vairao,Portugal

Angela Lomba | CIBIO – InBIO, University of Porto, Vairao, Portugal



The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is a major driver of changes in European farmland, with impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services provisioning. This symposium aims to discuss the major implications and challenges of the proposed CAP reform post-2020 on Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on SDG 15 (Life on Land). The first two presentations set the scene for what the proposed CAP can (or cannot) deliver. The remaining presentations address two important topics for ecologists: (i) how to use agricultural statistics information for biodiversity and ecosystem service assessment; (ii) how to maintain High Nature Value farmland in Europe. The proposed format is a set 4 of short presentations followed by discussion.

This symposium results from the project FARSYD – FARming SYstems as tool to support policies for effective conservation and management of high nature value farmlanDs (FARSYD-2011–2016—POCI-01-0145-FEDER-016664|PTDC/AAG-EC/5007/2014).


Short Presentations

Proposed CAP: major challenges for environment and sustainability
Stefan Schindler

The Green architecture of the proposed CAP: main challenges for biodiversity conservation
Clelia Sirami

A Farming Systems approach as a tool to link policy to biodiversity
Francisco Moreira

Possible futures to High Nature Value Farmland
Angela Lomba

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