EEF 2019 | 15th EEF – European Ecological Federation Congress

Sustainable Water Stewardship


Jens Rupp | Manager Environmental Sustainability, Philip Morris International

Adrian Sym | CEO, Alliance For Water Stewardship (to be confirmed)

Peter Penning | Partner Global Corporate Consultancy & Water Stewardship Practice Leader, Antea®Group

to be confirmed | Societé Géneral de Surveillance (SGS)

to be confirmed | SMAS Sintra



For Tabaqueira and Philip Morris International (PMI), sustainability means creating long-term value while minimizing the negative externalities associated with our products, operations and value chain.

We are creating a smoke-free future where cigarettes are replaced with less harmful, smoke-free products as soon as possible – the right thing for any tobacco company to do.

Our sustainability strategy is a key element of PMI’s overall business strategy and is structured around four pillars, which enable our vision of a smoke-free future: transforming our business* to reduce to the largest extent possible the harm associated with our products; being respectful of people throughout the value chain; reducing our environmental footprint; and driving operational excellence for sustainability.

PMI joined the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) in 2017, a leading organization dedicated to better managing water within the local watersheds.

Our efforts are geared towards improving water efficiency, conservation, and reusing or recycling water where possible. Tabaqueira’s factory is undergoing an AWS certification.

We do not just seek to reduce water use, but also to act as a good water steward by promoting an Alliance for Water Stewardship.

*PMI developed Business Transformation Metrics to report periodically in its Sustainability Report (2018 report predicted to be published in April 2019).


Round Table

Water: stewardship across and beyond industry operations
Jens Rupp

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