EEF 2019 | 15th EEF – European Ecological Federation Congress

Fernando Maestre

Biodiversity and ecosystems

Fernando T. Maestre (Sax, Spain, 1976) received his BsC. and PhD. in Biology from the University of Alicante in 1998 and 2002, respectively. He did a post-doc at Duke University (USA, 2003-2005) and moved in 2005 Rey Juan Carlos University (Spain), where he is a Professor and leads the Dryland Ecology and Global Change Lab. His scientific career has been mostly devoted to understanding how dryland ecosystems work, and how they respond to ongoing global change. His research uses a wide variety of tools and organisms, and spans from local to global scales. He has published more than 200 articles in international journals, including Science, Nature and PNAS, and has received both a Starting and a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council and multiple awards, including a Humboldt Research Award and the Prize for Young Researchers in Life Sciences, awarded by the Royal Spanish Academy of Sciences.

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